Abryanz is pleased to announce Olaide Olasoji Daniel as the ABRYANZ brand ambassador who now  serves as the face of the brand’s growing global community. He stars in the latest A(b) CommUnity  campaign that will feature across all media platforms. By expanding this partnership, this statement  expounds him as a symbol of diversity that is consistent with the brand’s image that will be a direct  representation of the A(b) commUnity. 

“Daniel possesses confidence, unique style, character, and is passionate in pursuit. Because of that, we  are excited to bring him on board and go on a journey that will see us meet new opportunities and great  adventures together. His brand represents a fashion forward man, and today’s young fearless generation  full of attitude, spirit and freedom. From Lagos, Nigeria, to Kampala Uganda, we look forward to this  partnership and anticipate that he will fully embody the ABRYANZ brand by correctly formulating a  timeless character universal with our brand” said Brian Ahumuza, the ABRYANZ Chief Executive Officer. 

The synergy will also further enhance the brand’s appeal as Daniel comes at a time when ABRYANZ is launching its capsule collection which celebrates diversity, youthfulness, and global awareness through staple essentials. Daniel’s flair, style and attitude paired together with ABRYANZ’ brand history will reverberate tomorrow’s archetypical lifestyle. 

“I am honored to be part of the Abryanz family. Becoming a brand ambassador for ABRYANZ is a dream come true. I have fallen in love with the brand and gladly share in its values of inspiring young people to be fashionable, inclusive, and ruthless about the pursuit of their dreams without asking for permission.  I can’t wait to see where this journey leads” said Daniel the Abryanz brand ambassador. 

Daniel is passionate about fashion, fitness, and humanities. After doing his BSC degree in Nigeria, he felt led to come to Uganda for a fresh start. He enrolled at Victoria University to study something he truly felt about; Humanities, and is now in his final year of study. He sat down with ASFA News to talk about his  journey, and hopes for the future.  

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Giving a true sense of energized unity in the feeling of togetherness, the Abryanz brand invites you to a  communal mindset of a young and unhinged youthful spirit in staple essentials. Ranging from unisex  tracksuits, branded hoodies, branded shorts and branded t-shirts highlighting the brands new logos. 

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