Abryanz and Truikon Announce Collaboration with a Limited Capsule Collection

ABRYANZ and TRU iKON have joined forces to introduce a unique luxury fashion collaboration that equally imagines their ambition and exhibits their craft. Between Kampala where ABRYANZ started out and Amsterdam, TRU iKON’s operation base, the collection embodies the true identity of both brands in bold iconic designs.

This range is inspired by a stewardship of identity and collaboration; ABRYANZ, designed by TRU iKON and TRU iKON designed by ABRYANZ. TRU iKON is known for its premium fashion clothing, beauty products and accessories, inspired by the lifestyle of icons and superstars. ABRYANZ, on the other hand is a Ugandan household brand that has fostered national pride on the continent and diaspora –especially when it comes to luxury and defiant style. They are best known for their tracksuits, T-shirts and esteemed underwear.

The ABRYANZ x TRU iKON collaboration combines the best-of-both-worlds in a limited collection offering only 200 pieces. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every item is a statement of fashion-forward thinking. Inviting the wearer to the forefront, to be a champion of their own life, to live and lead with fearlessness.

The drop brings an assortment of unisex tees encapsulated in bold colors, with intricate designs in each piece, and accessories that have been artisanally designed. In anticipation of high demand, there is a two-week pre order period, starting from 15/12/23 until 31/12/23. This exclusive window allows their community to secure their favorite pieces from the collection before everyone else.

Speaking on the collaboration and collection, Brian Ahumuza, CEO at ABRYANZ said “TRU iKON is a young successful and inventive clothing brand. The principal objective of this collaboration is to furnish a stage for nascent brands to display their innovative ideas and global perspective. In line with my ethos of building commUNITY, I am steadfast in my belief that this collaboration is a strong symbol of togetherness and powerful combination that will maximize impact on the world stage.”

Shakeem Alpha, Artistic Director of TRU iKON: “ABRYANZ is a true fashion icon and creative. I’m excited that we are working together to launch a great collection with such a big household name. In this collaboration we have put our best forward, and can not wait to see how people appreciate it. The partnership between ABRYANZ and TRU iKON is a testament on how two brands with a shared vision can achieve greatness.”

The ABRYANZ x TRU iKON collection will be available to shop online exclusively through shop.abryanz.com and in-person at ABRYANZ COLLECTION located in Kololo at Garden City basement. Due to the “limited-edition” nature of this release, it won’t be available for long.

For more informationvisit shop.abryanz.com or contact info@abryanz.com

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